nursing handbook changed in dc


I finish my nursing class on April 25 at UDC in Washington Dc. I sent all my paper work off and still havent recived my date to take the state test yet. How lond does it take? GOOD thing i did'nt get imy date yet beacuse as of July 1 2008 there is a new District of Columbia Nurse Aid Handbook. THANK GOD i still kept in contact with some other classemate from nursing school or i would of never new about the new book. I have the new 2008 hand book and they added something new in the book and they even shorten some of the steps in the book. Such as Downing and removing PPE (gown and gloves). I been studing the 2007 book like its my bible. In the old book there is 23 steps in Asists Client with the use of bedpan. The new book that i have there is only 17 steps in assist witn bedpan. and other changes with other skills. Now i have to figure out what steps they shorten in the new book. I have the old book down like a science. Am Mad! and to top it off the school should of contacted us from the class and told us. about this new book! Am mad what if i would went and took my skill test ! I would of failed for sure! I sure dont have money to be wasting. I want to pass this on the first go round. Thank god for my friends!!!!!

Thankd for letting vent!!!


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