Nursing Faculty Mentored Leadership Development - Accepting Applications October 1st!


calling all novice nurse educators!

the elsevier foundation and the honor society of nursing, sigma theta tau international, have partnered to create an exciting, experiential learning program for new nurse faculty members. designed for members of stti chapters, this program will provide an opportunity for new nurse educators to develop leadership knowledge and skills as they transition to the faculty role.

each participant will be paired with a mentor in an 18-month curriculum designed by expert nurse faculty, with activities including:

  • an intensive, three-day leadership workshop
  • faculty-led monthly online discussion groups
  • implementation of a sustainable leadership project

[color=#838383]program description

the nurse faculty mentored leadership development program prepares novice nurse faculty to become effective educators and leaders. the 18-month, blended-curriculum program for novice nurse faculty, designed by expert leadership faculty, utilizes principles discussed in the leadership challenge model created by kouzes and posner.

each faculty leadership scholar (mentee) will be paired with an expert faculty mentor who is a practicing nurse educator from outside the scholar's institution. expert faculty mentors will be responsible for supporting the faculty leadership scholar (mentee) as he or she develops and enhances the skills needed to be an effective nurse educator.

[color=#838383]program activities

the faculty leadership scholar (mentee)/faculty leadership mentor dyad activities will include:

  • participation in a face-to-face, three-day workshop 20-22 april 2010 at stti headquarters in indianapolis, indiana, usa.
  • [color=#0080c0]participation in faculty-led online discussion forums and in an online community.
  • development of an individualized leadership progression plan, including goals for each scholar, with guidance/approval from his or her faculty leadership mentor and an expert leadership faculty member.
  • collaboration on an educational project that will:
    • utilize leadership principles;
    • be highly individualized and designed to strengthen and expand the scholar's current skill set;
    • focus on one or more innovative ideas resulting in improved student learning at the scholar's institution; and
    • include plans for sustainability and demonstrated support of the scholar's institution.

    [*]dissemination of project results via articles in suitable journals, including, but not limited to, stti publications, abstract postings in the virginia henderson international nursing library, and/or presentation of results at various events.

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