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Nursing entrance essay *

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This is my first day on this forum, and I really love it. I think it's really cool to have a place where nurses can interact with future nurses.

I am a student at TCU, (Texas Christian Univeristy) and am applying for the nursing program. I have to write an essay and because my hesi and gpa aren't spectacular I really wanted to knock it out of the park. It has to be under 300 words, which is why it may seem short. If anyone can give me some feedback, or even edit for me please let me know. I would even be wiling to pay if that is allowed.

What do you believe are the roles andfunctions of a

professional nurse and how do youenvision

fulfilling these roles and functions atprogram

completion? *PROMPT*

In a day, a nurse can be a hero, anadvocate, a friend, a counselor, a communication expert and a parentall while providing excellent health care. A nurse is responsible forthe promotion of health, and relieving the suffering of the sick. Thescience of nursing involves using great care and persicion to treatpatience to improve overall health. The care side of nursing usescompassion to communicate well with health care staff, patience andfamilies of the patience. Being a great nurse involves a mastery ofmufti-tasking skills. A nurse may be be required to juggle multipleresponsibilities all at once. I've managed to balance a full time jobwith full time school since I was sixteen years old. Balancing aneducation, and working to help my father support the family wasextremely difficult but I learned time management and multitaskingskills that will translate well into a nursing career. In the past, Ihad the unfortunate experience of being homeless. I was constantlysurrounded by pain and suffering, and yet I always remained caringjoyous. Although as a nurse, I won't be constantly be around pain andsuffering I will experience sad things. I have a true desire to helppeople, and will never deter from that no matter how difficult thingsget. From a young age, my dream has always been to be a nurse and Iknow TCU's nursing program is going to provide me the education sothat I can take on all of the roles of a nurse. I believe I naturallyposses qualities like compassion, and determination that whencombined with a Harris College of Nursing education will make me anastounding nurse.

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