Where can I find nursing jounals online?

  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm in my last semester which I am sooo happy about but it's now the dreaded "essay paper" time!!

    We have to do the paper in APA format which Ive never done before but I am getting help with that. This is my question: We have to use at least 2 references from nursing journals not more than 3 years old. I am not a library person and I like to look things up on the internet. Is there a way to pull up actual nursing journals I can read to use as references on my report on-line?

    Also, any tips on what to do my paper on? It can be any disease process and I realize there sure is alotttt I have a choice with but I'm afraid if I pick something I wont find good info on it. I'm not too strong on the heart and am interested in lung cancer or colon cancer (its what my mom and dad passed from ) but are they too broad of a subject? Should it be more specific? Please help! Thank you so much!

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  3. by   Carleigh
    American Journal of Nursing


    Good luck! Hope the above link works. Sorry to hear that you have lost both of your parents. My dad died from lung cancer this past Thanksgiving. Cancer is such a horrible disease.
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    If your university library has an on-line capabilities then see if you can access at home. If you can Ovid is a good source for full text journals off the computer. Otherwise try a web site for Blackwell Science. Look up the e-mail address at www. askjeeves.com. I hope this helps.
    you can use the links that allnurses.com provide as well...look at the top of any screen here & go to the allnurses home page...scroll down until you see the link for nursing research/journals. here's the final page. hope this helps!