Transforming Nursing Education


    May 9, 2005--New York, NY-- Released today by the National League for Nursing, Transforming Nursing Education tackles head on the problem of making sweeping changes in nursing education without a strong evidence base. The NLN position statement urges nursing faculty "to base their
    curriculum designs, teaching/learning strategies, and evaluation methods on research rather than on politically driven pronouncements."

    "The NLN is committed to helping nursing faculty most effectively make decisions about program direction and curriculum revision," says NLN CEO Dr. Ruth Corcoran. "Evaluation is an important element of the faculty role and we encourage nurse educators to not accept proposals blindly. Careful consideration of the research on which they are based and the implications they will have for faculty, students, and the nursing profession is imperative."

    The ten recommendations that conclude Transforming Nursing Education begin by asking all nursing organizations to "focus their calls for reform on areas that are congruent with their mission and expertise." They also urge that "proposals regarding new options in nursing education (e.g., the
    creation of a new role like the clinical nurse leader or the development of the practice doctorate) and calls for the inclusion of more content on a particular topic (e.g., genetics or bioterrorism) be evidence-based."
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