The value of Nursing Education

  1. Hello I am a senior nursing student exploring the topic of nursing education and it's value in society. I wanted to ask how nursing educators felt towards the dilema of nursing being seen as a profession, and the educational system that is behind this dilema? How do you feel towards nursing increasing the amount of school required to enter the field, having entry level being the baccalaureate degree? I would appreciate any responses.

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  3. by   RebeccaC
    Nursing IS a profession. As professionals we need to be as educated as possible. Imagine yourself as the client for a minute. Would you not want the most educated professional available taking care of you? Often, whether we like it or not, a profession is judged by it's education requirements. As a society we see advancements through education and research. It would follow that the more intense the education requirements, the better prepared we are to face the challenges this world has to offer, ultimately improving the care given to the client. Think of the resistant bacterias and new viruses we face now (that require an advanced knowledge of microbiology) that our sister nurses before us never even imagined. Nursing IS an ART, and we must never forget that, but the "art" of nursing requires a solid base in higer education. I can imagine the day when "Is a BSN enough?" is no longer the question, but "Is a PhD enough?" the issue.