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    We are senior nursing students in a BSN program who will be soon be seeking employment in acute care settings. We would like to hear the perspective of experienced nurses about the Team Nursing model of patient care. For example, what do you like/dislike about this type of nursing care and why? It would be helpful to also hear what nursing specialty you work in. Is there a model of nursing practice that you prefer to team nursing? Why or why not? Can you make suggestions about what attitudes and behaviors contribute to successful team building? Ones that do not support team building? We are exploring this topic in order to give us some insights about what models work/don't work, group dynamics and suggestions about how we can contribute to a team.

    We welcome all comments and appreciate your input.
    Thank you,
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  3. by   yeyirn
    Congratulations for that wonderful initiative of asking some inputs regarding your future function in this field!!! At an early time you were able to be attentive to your needs as a neophyte in this profession. I can see a good nurse in you...

    Nway, basically, as a Senior Nurse in a Pediatric-cardiac ICU, I would advise you to "communicate" with your peers, seniors, managers, doctors, and even with your patients. Communication is a very important avenue in having a good working environment. Whatever specialty you may have, you'll be able to work harmoniously and becoming an effective and efficient nurse.

    Good luck!!!