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Hello all! My name is Kate and I received my BSN in May of 2005. I've been thinking a lot about getting my MSN in Education and I'm looking for any and all information that will help me make a... Read More

  1. by   Goodoldnurse
    Hello all,
    I am currently enrolled in a MSN ED program because I ONLY want to teach. I have friends that are in the CNS and NP track. My CNS track friend says that she is going for the highest degree so she can teach and/or manage. But, none of her courses are education based. The university I am attending has post graduate education courses for those with an MS who want to teach. My college wants education specialists, with the courses to best assist our students.
    Think about what you are truly wanting from your education. Management or education. The educator in the hospital still needs to develop cirriculum.
    Happy graduation to all the educators out there!!!