P I Indicators

  1. In the course of your Infection Control activities (i.e., surveillance indicators), do any of you have any "personal" Performance Indicators that
    you may also incorporate? I've been asked for these in addition to the current surveillance indicators. The only thing that I can think of (at present) is educational indicators (courses, CE credits, inservices), implementing current guidelines (as they come through AJIC and APIC), and
    direct observation of HCWs practices.

    Any additional ideas?

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  3. by   LindaC
    I used the indicators of Infections in C-sections (Endometriitis); BSI in Newborns with Central Lines (inf. per 1000 line-days); BSI in ICU pts with central lines(inf per 1000 line days), etc. I also tracked needlesticks by number per year by number of beds in the hospital.

    I have no real idea what they are talking about in Personal indicators. Call the JCAHO and ask to speak with Baker (Ona?) in Infection Control.

    Are you currently practicing Infection Control? Are you in the SSU FNP program too? Please respond. Linda.