Nurse Educator Interview

  1. Hello,
    I'm about to attend panel interview for the position of Nurse Educator in perioperative services in one of the largest teaching hospitals.
    I have no experience in this kind of interview since this is my first time applying for this position.
    Currently I'm working as a staff nurse in Operating Room and I'm also studying the Master online program at the University.
    I have already passed the first stage of the interview with HR manager and director of nursind education, and now, I am invited to the final stage which is a panel interview with same people plus a couple of others managers and educators from OR and other related services.
    To get this position is very important for me - this will allow to realize my entire dream to become an educator and, also, will give me chance to contribute my experience, knowledge and passion into the future of this institution.
    I would like to ask your help in this. I would like to get advises / suggestions about how to be the best prepared for this interview, as well as, questions that are usually asked or might be asked there.
    I know many of you are experienced educators that also conduct and participate in those interviews. Please help.
    Thank you very much.
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  3. by   cholli
    I have sat on a few hiring committees. The key is how you present yourself and your teaching plan 'cuz as an educatior you will be presenting yourself all day. Be careful not to be too casual especially if you know people on the panel (easy to do). And if you have to present a teaching plan, keep it basic as there may well be non-nursing people on the panel.