NLN: Call for Great Moments in Teaching Stories

  1. faculty leaders within the nln work collaboratively to meet the challenges and opportunities created by today's shortage of nurse faculty and of tomorrow's nurses. time and time again nln faculty surveys demonstrate how fulfilling being a faculty member and working with students can be. too often we do not take the time to share these stories with each other and with those who may be considering a career in nursing education. during the next 12 months, june 2006 through may 2007, you will see new featured great moments in teaching stories on the nln website. special thanks to the recruitment and retention task group and the healthful work environments task group for their work with the nurse educator authors to bring you this exciting first series of great moments in teaching.

    call for great moments in teaching stories for 2007-2008
    please consider sharing your story. please send a 150 to 200 word description of your great moments in teaching electronically by email to the nln task group on healthful work environments will review them and select the best ones for great moments in teaching featured june 2007-may 2008.
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