NLN Audio-Web Seminars - Spring, 2007 Series

  1. nln audio-web seminars - spring, 2007 series

    <li type=square>january 30
    interpreting test outcome data in nursing education
    stephen hetherman, edd
    director of test development
    national league for nursing

    <li type=square>february 6
    preparing students for a technology-rich health care environment
    diane skiba, phd, faan, facmi

    <li type=square>february 13
    difficult student situations: learning to manage them more effectively
    susan luparell, phd, aprn, bc

    <li type=square>february 20
    measuring outcomes from innovation in nursing education
    janet grady, drph, rn

    <li type=square>february 27
    the certified nurse educator<sup>cm</sup>(cne) credential:
    the mark of distinction for nursing faculty

    tracy a. ortelli, ms, rn
    manager, nurse educator certification
    national league for nursing

    <li type=square>march 6
    promoting professionalism and excellence in nursing education:
    students and academic integrity
    sabrina friedman, edd, rn, fnp
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