1. I sure could use some advice from all you sage and wise, well established SDC's please.
    I've been doing SDC for the past 4 weeks....I'm as green as the grass at this particular job.
    My dilema is that besides doing SDC and infection control, I'm also the Risk Manager,Abuse Officer, and the Safety Officer.
    Is this normal? On top of all this, I've not even had my general orientation, and in week 3 (last week) had to request from my regional nurse consultant permission to get SDC training from another facilty.
    All this plus a Director of Nursing that micromanages everyone and everything.
    I sure do need some advice.......please help me!
    I'm ready to run screaming from the buillding!
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  3. by   kygal
    During my tour of duty as DSD, I did the following-hires, pre and post hire paperwork, orientation, health files, mandatory inservices (18 a year required here), abuse coord., corp. compliance officer, schedule for both nurses and cna's, daily assignments, infection control for the sub-acute station, on call, manager on duty every 6th weekend, ran 3 cna prepatory courses, and last but not least did the employee appreciation parties once a month for each shift. The only way is to get organized. Set up everything possible on a tickler system. Makes it easier to keep up with things. Do your inservices on pay day and collect the checks. Let them do the inservice when they come to collect. Schedule a make-up once a month. You could also put in an ad in the paper to see if any retired secretary would like to volunteer in your facility. They could help with activities if you didn't need her, which is not likely. E-mail me if you have any specific questions. Would love to help.:kiss