New clinical instructor ob/peds any advise?

  1. Hi everyone, I am a new clinical instructor teaching ob/peds. I also work in OB. Any advise, information, teaching resources, what you do in your clinicals. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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  3. by   meme2
    Hey there, I am new too. My specialty is OB so that has been a breeze for me, but now the Peds..not my fortee, or have much knowledge except what I remember from my rotation as a student. Help...
  4. by   Smn123
    I feel the same way. I work in ob now. I used to work in peds but haven't in 7 years. I had my first clinical in peds yesterday and was blown away at how sick these children really are. I remember the basic pediatric principle but the disease and illness progression have escaped my mind. I would be willing to help you any way I can just PM.
  5. by   meme2
    the hospital I am doing clincal in is a level one..the peds unit is small so allowed to only float one student over there. So the clinical has not been teh problem really, the nurses are great to assist me, I am worried more about lecture, and lab. The students really got the OB stuff, but I know that in and out. Now I am worried. Othr instructors in teh program,tell me to relax, but i guess I am too much a perfectionist, or believer they are paying a lot to learn. And I am not the one to teach it...I guess I should just relax, but i want them to have the best. The other instructors from other colleges are telling methere is a dedicated peds instructor. I am out of my league...
  6. by   Penguin67
    Make every clincial experience as much hands on as possible. They will thank you later for that! Question them alot to get them to critically think to develop that skill. It doesn't ahve to be threatening, just that they expect it and you guide them to the answer through your questions.

    For OB, I'd make sure that they spend an equal amount of time in L/D, postpartum and the nursery, if that is possible. They all think that L/D is the big prize, but nursing care goes on in all areas.

    For peds, give them a variety of age group assignments, not just infants. Let them experience the need to use a developmental approach.

    Welcome to academia!

  7. by   meme2
    Thank you, though clinical is not the problem. Ob is great, and the Peds nurses are awesome and are spending a great deal of time teaching and stretching their minds.
    I am worried I will not be able to give them the level of instruction since I am not a peds nurse and have not been exposed to is since I went to school...100 yrs ago, as I tell them. I have no antedotes nor do I have clinical experience to fall back on. So wondered if there were some forms, books, dvd, videos anything to help enhance this portion of the class.
    But I am so happy to be a part of this forum where I can just reach out day or night.
    Thank you again.