maybe getting into SDC role

  1. hey guys...
    I have been offered a SDC role for the unit I currently have been working on for 5yrs. The position recently got approved for my unit to have their own.. problem..wouldn't start until the new fiscal year which is in October.......
    I'm excited about the possibility...and I hope the Boss keeps to her word about me getting the position...
    My problem would be that I have always work 7p-7a...going to kill me getting up in the sunshine time of day and stay awake

    I am currently the Unit Educator and interact plenty with the new hires and helping them with orientation...also work plenty with the current staff with inservices, posting up education, getting them signed up for classes, etc...

    So....if I get the will probably hear plenty of questions from me...I'll have to rattle your brains... My hospital has only had this type of position for a little over a it is still kinda new!
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  3. by   jeanrnurse
    You'll adjust to the daytime hours, and it will help you grow lots of new skills! Check out the website for NNSDO, the National Nursing Staff Development Organization. They have tons of resources, both personal and in print. Their National convention is end of July in Washington DC this year. They are about 2000 members nationwide, and about 800 will attend convention.