let me know please!

  1. i will be thankful to get your experiance. i want to know about the following points. please, gave me few minutes from ur precious time. thanks agiain.
    about disciplining and discharge.
    1. do they have written guidelines for disciplining and firing?
    2. are they used consistently?
    3. what are the most common reasons for an employee to be disciplined or fired?
    4. does your organization let people resign instead of being fired?
    5. why or why not?
    about collective bargaining

    • have there been any attempts at your institution to unionize nurses or other staff?
    • how was that handled?
    • what, if anything, does your institution do to discourage unionization?
    • what is the institution's policy on sexual harassment of employees by other employees, physicians and patients?

    about risk manager

    if there is a risk manager (other than you) in dekalb board of health, we can ask that person. let me know. if you are the only one, say some thing.

    1. how does your institution attempt to avoid lawsuits by customers and/or employees?

    • what kind of liability insurance does the institution carry?

    handling of employees who have the disease of addiction.

    • have you seen such employee in your experience? what happens to them?
    • are they fired?
    • are they reported to the state board of nursing or any other professional org.?
    • are criminal charges brought?
    • is intervention and treatment provided?
    about impaired employee

    • have they ever observed a nurse or physician that appeared to be impaired?
    • what did they do?
    • would you have done the same thing?
    • why or why not?
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