I need help with developing a staff development program

  1. I am a CCRN who has just left acute care to accept a position as staff development/PPS coordinator in a LTC facility. The DON wanted me because of my assessment skills, ability to teach inservices, etc. She now wants me to completely revamp the entire staff development/education program to help the nurses' clinical skills, proficiency, and to pave the way to creating charting geared specifically at assisting with the compilation of information necessary to complete the MDS. Any and ALL input would be greatly appreciated

    Tracy D. Andrews
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  3. by   maikranz
    Greetings, Tracy!
    You are in a great area--there is a community college in your backyard as well as in Hickory that may be able to assist you. Also, Western Carolina University has
    an undergraduate nursing program with a focus in gerontology (I think). NorthWestAHEC in Hickory has access to the faculty at UNC-Greensboro. If you have tried this already--oops!
    If not, good luck! In either case you will meet an incredible group of nurses.