How one can prepare for pediatric board certification?

  1. I would like to have information on How one can prepare for pediatric board certification?

    Anyone would like to answer me
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  3. by   MissJoRN
    The reading list for the CPN exam is pretty vague, isn't it? Of course Whaley and Wong is recommended, but do I read the whole thing? Sorry, I'm not certified although I'm considering it again (I go back and forth on the issue since it's expensive and no one will reimburse me for the test or give me a raise) I wish I could give you more info or tips and I hope someone else jumps in (Lets try the peds board, too) I just wanted to say that I do have a book "Pediatric Nursing" "Springhouse Notes The A+Review Series" It's outline form and includes a review disk. I picked it up at an SPN conference with the idea of using it as a CPN study guide... I *assume* that's one of it's intended purposes but they can't legally claim that? Also SPN sometimes holds a day-long review session as a preconference to the annual conference (held in Spring)
  4. by   rmeclark
    The "Society of Pediatric Nurses" is having a conference in Orlando, FL the first week of April. The 1st two days are considered preconference workshop days. (Apr 5-6) At this time they will be giving a 2 day course on Certification Preparation for the exam,from 8am-5pm both days. May be a good time to take a vacation. you can download the brochure and get all the info at Also they will administer the exam as well on the 9th after the main conference. Hope this helps. Rick