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    I came to this board because I figured I could get the best advice. I finally recieved my long awaited decision letters from the two schools I applied to. The good news, I wasn't rejected, the bad news, I wasn't exactly accepted either, I was wait listed at both. My school of choice stated that if an opening does not come available for fall/2005, I am conditionally accepted into the fall/2006 program. However, they can call me up until the very last day of August to tell me if a seat came open for fall/2005. In my letter, all it says is that they will notify me immediately should a slot come available for 2005. But, I know the nursing students, prior to starting the curriculum in the fall go through several orientation sessions. There was no mention of when these sessions will be held or that I should attend just incase. Here is my question:

    I want to attend these sessions just incase I get that call that a slot is open so I am on top of everything, but, there was no invitation that allows the wait list people to go. I was wondering if I would be out of line if I contacted the director of the program, who is one of the educators as well, and ask her if I can attend these sessions just in case, and so I am prepared in the event that I a slot comes open. Would I seem pushy? I just want to be prepared. I don't want to get that call at the end of August (well, ofcourse I want to get the call, lol), and not be prepared and be totally lost and have to rush to do everything I need to do in a week. So, long question made short, as educators, and if your school does not openly offer these orientation sessions to the wait list people, would you be upset or happy that someone approached you asking if they could attend? How should I ask? I don't want to ruin my chances of getting off this wait list by seeming overly persistent either. Thanks for any suggestions you may be able to give!

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    Welcome to our forum, Janet. My advice is to diplomatically phone or write the director of both programs and ask if it is possible or feasible for you to attend the orientation sessions. The worst that they can say is no, and it will show how very focused you are, which is a positive attribute. Best wishes to you in your future career