Happy to be in Nursing education

  1. Just finished orientation week at the University that hired me to start this fall and am leaving it feeling utterly grateful to be a nurse, not for the first time. I am in a tenure-track 9 month position with decent (to me) pay with a MSN (FNP not nursing Ed). I do have to get my doctorate in the next 6 years to stand for tenure but at orientation I was surrounded by social sciences and physical sciences faculty. Many of them were coming in as 1 term or 1 year adjuncts with their PhD and teaching experience. You don't have a chance at a tenure track position in these disciplines even with your doctorate, and here I am with a MSN and 2 terms of adjunct as my only experience. I know that nursing tenure isn't easy to get everywhere in the country, but I am grateful to have this opportunity! P.S. PM me if you are interested: we will be posting at least 4 more tenure track positions for next fall start in the next couple months, SON ideally seeking doctorate prepared or working towards it.
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  3. by   SGroRN87
    Congratulations! I, too, will be starting a FT tenure track position at the local community college. I have been adjunct for 3 years... FINALLY found a position!!!
  4. by   Entravel
    Congratulations to BOTH of you guys!! Awesome! I hope this encourages more people going into Nursing education. I hope to be in you alls position in another 3-4 years =)