Expanded role of the nurse aide (cna)

  1. Would like information on expansion of the CNS's role. The leadership in this hospital has decided the CRN's role should included procedures such as wound care, catheterization and etc. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, dot
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  3. by   sandi
    I don't know how it is where you are, but at alot of the hospitals around here the CNAs are being cross-trained to do phlebotomy, enemas, catheterizations etc... the training consists of a few hours inservicing... no anatomy lesson, no theory, just HOW to do it. What is even scarier is that I have heard that the housekeepers are also being cross-trained to draw blood in the larger hospitals.Heres to staying healthy and OUT of the hospital!
  4. by   UOPETTE
    Check with your practicing guidelines for UAP (Unlicensed Assistant Personnel) for your state.........Veletta
  5. by   classicdame
    In my state the Nurse Practice Act does not allow these activities to be performed by any unlicensed person (at least, not in a hospital). The idea is to protect the public, but it actually protects nursing too. Not only would this create an opportunity to replace nurses with cheaper labor, it also creates a risk for the nurses under whose license these individuals are working. I hope the nurses in your facility will object LOUDLY.