Creating a Spanish Elective Curriculum

  1. Is there anyone out there willing to advise regarding the best practices for teaching Spanish to senior university nursing students? I am currently creating this elective course of study, and have some experience, but not over a semester course.

    I am one year in to teaching at a SON, and learned Spanish as a second language. On several extended occasions have lived abroad, and have used the language extenisvely in the hospital for 22 years. I admittedly have learned much from the patients, too!

    Noone is MORE appreciative of our efforts to communicate in their primary language than foreigners in our settings. My background is primarily Pedi, PICU, and some NICU. It is imperative that they comprehend and can return demonstrate skills prior to discharge.

    I know there are Universities out there doing this well, and would most appreciate advice from faculty or former students regarding what REALLY works effectively!

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