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  1. Hi everyone, I am new to this so forgive if I make a mistake. I am looking for information on a skills lab--- something that would be fun for the staff but also tests their competency in several areas. I had thought about a casino setting, or a pretend trip to the different stations. Any thoughts out there.
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  3. by   puggymae
    I love doing these kinds of events. We do one for our students every semester as a refresher. A "Casino" is really fun - give them play money to "spend." A really popular one had a "Survivor" theme.
  4. by   totomel
    How did you set it up? Any details you can give would be greatly appreciated.
  5. by   pvjerrys
    we end the semester (prior to the final exam) with a clinical practicum that is incorporated into their total points. we look at all the skills / procedures that have been learned. we have short procedures (10 points) and long procedures (20 points). we set up 10 stations, with instructors at each station. students do not know which procedure they will be doing. we strongly recommend and encourage them to practice all of the procedures. on the day of the practicum, students randomly select the station where the short/ long procedures are already set up.

    we give the list of procedures to the students in the second half of the semester so that they can practice in the lab. we tell the students that this is testing day, not instruction day. instructors evaluate the student's performance with minimal verbal interaction and grade accordingly. their scores are posted after all the students are done.

    interesting postscript. there is always one student who gets a low score on the practicum and lament that he/ she practiced the other procedures, but not the one that she got.
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  6. by   NPPHD
    We have created and utilized a number of low fidelity simulations that have the “skills” from the semester built into the scenario. This way the students have a meaningful context to perform the skills within. At the same time, the students are challenged at a higher cognitive level to make meta-connections between the skills, the client and the environment. So far, we have used this as a learning experience that links psychomotor skills with cognition and clinical judgment.