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Your responses are instrumental in my career choice: It's either FNP or Nurse Educator for me! So, my question for you is: are you happy with being an educator? The liability issue-is it an issue... Read More

  1. by   Lstcats
    During my 22 year career, I have done telemetry, ICU, home care, LTC, Rehab nursing, school nursing, public health, HHA supervisor and the most rewarding job I have ever had and what I excel at is nursing education teaching clinical and classroom. I love it. It feels professional. You are much more respected among other nurses, MD's, and patients and families. I can't say the students respect you. Some do and some don't. The multicultural student is a tough one. I have struggled with how to help them. Where I live there is every kind of culture from Asian, Hispanic, Cambodian, Haitain, African (from the country Africa), African American and many more. They try so hard but some just don't make it. Not their fault. Some just don't have the education that we do in the U.S. but are excepted to the program anyway even if their English skills are really horrible and their verbal communication is tough to understand. There is a lot of correcting of care plans, FHP, self assessment and other paperwork such as research papers. So, you have a lot of work to do at home. And, also making the assignment on your on time and also prep work at home. Just depends how detailed you want to be. There is a lot of work but it is fun and there is nothing more rewarding then seeing the "light bulb" go off in a student's head when they grasp critical thinking and the nursing process. I had one student say to me last week. "I was doing critical thinking and I didn't even know it" and was so excited that she accomplished this milestone. Personally, I would never be a NP. I think there is too much liability and you have to know as much as a MD and get paid peanuts. RNs in a hospital make more than both educators and RNP's. Hope this helped.