Annual skills fair and regulatory requirements

  1. Good morning,
    This board has been so helpful, and so once again, I turn to you for suggestions. The 2011 annual skills fair will be upon me before I know it and I am looking for some new ideas. I plan to incorporate games into this years fair, but I also am concerned about requirements. While NPSGs are important, and I am including some, what else is required/should be in the fair? I have included some of the TJC core measures, but should low volume high risk skills be in this fair or department specific skills fair? I appreciate any help, ideas or suggestions that you are able to give.
    Thank you!
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  3. by   classicdame
    we have not used this method of teaching in several years. Expense is one reason, but we found that by monitoring competencies throughout the year was more productive and reasonable. I recommend Donna Wright's book The Ultimate Guide to Competency Assessment. Great ideas on how to manage this task.
  4. by   lakec4me
    We changed our skills fair to education days. we have different education stations that the nurses move throughout. the stations vary from high risk high volume topics to high risk low volume topics. it usually takes about 3-4 hours to complete. they are not competency stations, but education stations.

    competency is typically assessed via chart review, exams, and observation.

    i agree with classicdame that donna wright's book is excellent and she is a very entertaining speaker. although i've read her book and heard her speak twice, management still wants a piece of paper in everyone's file with a checkmark that they are competent in each area, so i comply!