2007-2008 Minority Faculty Scholarship (California)

  1. 2007-2008 minority faculty scholarship application (california)

    the american association of colleges of nursing (aacn), with support from the california endowment, has implemented a scholarship program for underrepresented minority (urm) nursing students who are residents of the state of california. this program will support full-time urm students in master’s or doctoral nursing studies and will include a program of mentorship and leadership development to assure successful completion of graduate studies and preparation for a future faculty role. this scholarship program will address the growing shortage of nurse educators and is designed to increase the number of urm nurses who will be available to teach in the state of california. this program seeks and supports diversity in its applicants and requires all candidates to demonstrate potential for long-term contributions to the field of nursing education. in addition, the program is committed to advancing well-qualified applicants from urm groups to improve the nation’s ability to provide culturally-competent education to its increasing diverse student population. scholarships will be provided to nursing students pursuing a doctorate in nursing research or practice and for students seeking a master’s degree with additional preparation for the faculty role.

    deadline for applications: june 1, 2007

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