14th Annual North Carolina Great Teachers Retreat, February 22-25

  1. [color=#333333]14<sup><kbd>th</kbd></sup> annual [color=#333333]north carolina [color=#333333]great teachers retreat: [color=#333333]february 22-25, 2007[color=#333333]
    [color=#333333]camp kanuga[color=#333333]
    [color=#333333]hendersonville, nc

    registration is now open

    any north carolina educator - experienced or
    inexperienced, full-time, part-time, or adjunct - is
    invited to take advantage of this unique professional
    development opportunity. david gottshall, founder of the
    national great teachers movement, will direct the retreat,
    assisted by experienced ncgtr facilitators.

    seminar costs & overview

    a registration fee of $495 includes all lodging, meals,
    and retreat expenses (thursday supper through sunday
    lunch). retreat fees and room rates are based upon double
    occupancy. single rooms are available for an extra fee and
    are guaranteed with payment.

    participants will be selected from community colleges and
    other educational institutions throughout north carolina
    and elsewhere. the ncgtr is an open retreat welcoming
    educators from any institution of learning.

    each participant is to bring to the seminar two brief (one-
    page maximum) papers for discussion: 1) an innovation in
    classroom teaching, and 2) a specific problem encountered
    while teaching. seminar staff will lead sessions centered
    on the special interests and problems of each group.

    purposes of the retreat include:

    to celebrate good teaching.

    to venture beyond the limits of our own
    specializations and environments in search of transferable
    ideas and the universals of teaching.

    to develop an atmosphere of introspection and self-
    appraisal by providing a relaxed setting and
    straightforward process where participants seriously
    review and contemplate their attitudes, methods, and
    behavior as teachers.

    to practice a rational analysis of instructional
    problems and develop realistic, creative approaches and
    solutions that address those specific problems.

    to exchange information and ideas by building an
    expanding network of communication among teaching faculty
    in higher education.

    to renew ourselves professionally and personally.

    for more information, please go to http://ngtm.net/ncgtr_2007.htm
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