Nursing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

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Hello I am looking for any advice on how to apply for jobs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, my fiancé is a teacher and we would love to experience a new country together.I would be great full for any advice at all. I am currently a band 6 in the UK on a major Trauma Ward, it does appear modest job would prefer crit care experience which is why I am unsure where is best to apply etc.

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So I started the process in Feb 2018. But I can only say what I had to do from my own home country, which is South Africa.

It seems I made a mistake in applying for my documentation early on, and it might cost me to reapply for certain documents eg Certificate of Good Standing from our own Nursing Council and Police Clearance.

But: I applied by sending my CV straight to the hospitals I thought would be nice to work at. Some advise: The government hospitals pay REALLY well. There are so much specialities that you can literally get anything. Be wary of some of the private hospitals though as they do not give you a good salary package and some do not include housing allowance, medical cover only for you (you need to pay for your family) and only pay for your own flight back to home country (you need to pay for your family members).

The application for a nursing license differs between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dubai is a much more expensive area. Both make use of Dataflow (Primary Source verification) where they authenticate all your qualifications.

Something that I should probably just mention is that there was an article in the past few weeks that they will now only accept nurses with a primary degree in Nursing. I do believe that is for the entire UAE.

Anyway: I hope this helps!