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Hello folks!
I am currently relocating to BC and I would like to take psychiatric Nursing at Douglas or Stenberg college ! My understanding is that they is waiting list for Nursing in BC. Given that I still have to do my Foundation year, what are the average GPA ? Can I do the open course in another school ? I am so lost ! Advice please . No sure where to start


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Hey Diane! ?

I completed my certificate at Douglas, so I will only be able to speak on that school. In terms of admissions into their bachelor program, they give priority to students who are in their academic foundations for potential psychiatric nursing applicants program. This program consists of 10 classes (you can find these classes on their website) that you must complete before being eligible for their bachelors program. I also believe that 50% of the courses must be completed at Douglas. 

I am applying to their regular nursing program and from what I have heard their regular nursing program has a 1-2 years waitlist. Both their programs are on a first come first serve basis. They focus more on when you've completed the program, then they consider your GPA. An academic advisor at Douglas told me that the average GPA was a 3.0. However, this information was given to me about 1-1.5 years ago now, so I can't say for sure if this has changed. Again, their main focus is when you've completed the program, then comes GPA. For the 10 classes at Douglas, they require you to get atleast a C+ (65%) in each of the classes and you have 2 chances to retake the classes. In terms of the waitlist for the psych program, I don't believe they have one. I say this because I know some of my classmates who applied right after completing their certificate and getting immediate admission into the program. I would still recommend calling an advisor at Douglas to ask about their waitlist to get a better understanding. 

Overall, if you are interested in Douglas, then I would apply for their Academic Foundations for Potential Psychiatric Nursing Applicants program and start working on their 10 required classes. Hopefully this information was helpful! Good luck ?