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does anyone know where i could find a copy of the NANPA-approved nursing diagnosis list that i could print out from my computer???


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My medical dictionary has a list of NANDA diagnoses in the back. I believe my Fundamentals or Med/Surg book also has a list in the back. I haven't ever found a list online, but there are some sites around that have care plans written for individual diagnoses.


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thanks...i have one in my BNS book but i was hopeing to find one online so i could just print it out & not have to go to copier to do it...thanks again

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Some of the NANDA books like Ackley have a web connection access code printed on their inside front cover. Some Med Surg texts come with a CD. There might be a NANDA list on those.

Have you tried a Google search for NANDA? You may find a connection there.

Good luck :)

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here are 2 helpful sites, but I have not found exactlly what you were asking for.

This is a download for a palm pilot:

This is a site to help with care plans:

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