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Nursing Diagnosis Assistance

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My group is working on a care plan for OB clinical rotation. The three of us gathered information and I do not have every bit of it but here is what I have. Mother is 19, african american, cesarean section at 37 2/7 weeks, oligohydramnios, positive for chlamydia, history of oligohydramnios that resolved. Baby is male, non reassuring fetal heart rate, prolonged decelerations, RH positive, group B strep positive, history of suboptimal growth that resolved, positive acrocyanosis, 5lbs 13oz, 19.4 inches, head circum 48.5cm, apgars 9 and 9. That is most of the abnormal and some normal findings. I am having trouble coming up with nursing diagnoses and interventions for this. I have one so far which is risk for fetal injury related to cord compression secondary to decreased amniotic fluid. Can anyone help please?