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Nursing Diagnoses-RN

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Hello, I am a nursing student and I am conducting research about nursing diagnoses formulated by professional nurses and student nurses. I am researching how student and professional nursing diagnoses are different and how they affect patient outcomes in the clinical setting. Please take some time to fill out this questionnaire at:


I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you


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I have to say that the last question is quite the thought provoker. I had to say maybe, but wanted to say NO!!

NO!! What I do wont change, unless the patient changes. So, NO!!

Its almost innaporpriate to suggest.


But I am only one nurse, and others do not think like me.

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Last question: I wanted to say yes because I feel the dx makes a difference. Rather, it SHOULD but I know a lot of nurses who do not bother with dx except on admit. After that they forget to change dx as condition changes