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Nursing degree

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Hello , I am Indian national . 32 yrs old . Completed my bsc and MBA. I also finished msc health and social care management from the uk ( non clinical ) but I had worked in the Nhs for 3 years as support worker/ carer. I have also done multiple volunteer works for nearly more than a year all upto together full one for various causes but predominantly to state that it's a service . I am desperate to start my passion for nursing as I always wanted buy couldn't due to economic reasons at the time .

Is there Ny country who could admitted me for nursing I am ready to do an extra preparatory yr . I am looking for a cheap or no fee university anywhere in the world as far as the degree is recognized .

Why did you invest your money in a bsc, mba and msc health and social care management, if nursing was always your passion?

Well ... At the time I had to get a degree inorder to get any job .. And I went with the flow ... Although I didn't like it .. I managed to score and subsequently got job but as a personality I felt there is something lacking and it's emotional gratification .. A fulfillment .. I felt satisfied when I worked as support worker in the uk .. And did support and volunteer for various causes over the years . And on a full time basis I had volunteered for over a year now . I revelry learnt I can do a nursing now .. And that it would fit with my last masters so well .. It's gonna open opportunities for me at the same time I would be able to be satisfied personally aswell . So yeah ! Let me know if you are aware of any institution that could. Offer me admission !