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    Ok so I am a soon to be nursing student at a four year university and a new member on this site (so this is my first thread ever, I hope I do it right). I think after I graduate I want to work as an ER nurse, critical care nurse, or eventually a flight nurse. As of right now I have my certification to be a Nursing Assistant and I have a little bit of experience working as one in a rehabilitation unit in a hospital (a summer job that I had to quit when I moved back to school). I am now involved in EMT classes at night while in school. I am really confused on what I should try to get a job or experience in while in school. As an employer of a hospital, would they be more interested in my experience as a CNA or an EMT if applying for those nursing positions (ER, critical care, or flight nurse). I could probably only have one job while in school so I need to choose between EMT or CNA. I loved my work as a CNA and if I decided to work as one I would probably have more luck working in a nursing home. I say this becase I already applied to 13 CNA positions at the hospital near my school and they all told me I need experience or the positions were going to RNs (there is no shortage of RNs where I live due to the intense number of nursing schools around and graduates that do not move away once they graduate). I would not mind working in a nursing home, I think I would love it. Any advice would be much appreciated!
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  3. by   liatadesse
    Hello, I am new to this site but I was wondering does anyone know how to prepare for ESN job interview or if you have gone through it can you please let me know the process and the experience. I have an interveiw on Jan 28 and was not sure how to prepare. thanks
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    I am a senior nursing student at a 4-year university...graduating in May! I am living proof that you can indeed survive nursing school haha Anyway, I highly suggest working in a part-time/student position while you are in nursing school. If not right away, then definitely starting in the summer before your senior year and into your final year of school. I will say that the first year of a clinical program is a bit overwhelming, so you may want some time to get adjusted to your new hectic schedule. Maybe take the first semester or year off and once you are ready look for a CNA or EMT position (probably that summer). It will look great on your resumé and make you much more attractive to future employers.

    As far as choosing between a CNA or EMT position, it really depends on your interests. If you have your heart set on emergency/critical care nursing then an EMT job will give you wonderful experience. But if you are looking for a more 'nursing skills'-oriented experience (should you decide to apply to other nursing specialties), then a CNA will definitely provide you with that. I think either way you are on the right track and future employers will be very impressed with your initiative for working toward both your CNA and EMT certifications. Especially in the current job market, we as new-grads must do everything we can if we want to be considered for positions against experienced RNs.

    Kudos to you for being so driven and planning ahead. Best of luck in your nursing will be a crazy couple of years, but so very rewarding! I promise
  5. by   NAURN
    I would recommend part time as well. Full time would be too much. I worked weekends as a CNA so I could not have any issues with classes or clinicals during the week. It worked out great