Working for the prison system.

  1. I live in York, PA. In this area, LPNs are being phased out of the clinical setting, yet again. I have been so tempted by the adds for a position with the State Department of Corrections and the county prison. The pay seems attractive and the benefits are great. (Real Question) Have any of you ever worked for a prison? Do you have any input... pro's or con's?

    Your comments would be appreciated
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  3. by   GalRN
    I worked for a community jail for 3 months. I had kind of a bad experience.... I went there with the philosophy that the inmates were being punished by just being there, and deserved good and humane healthcare. Unfortunately the other nurses seemed to think they did not. I got written up for calling the MD to get permission to start opiate detox protocol (basically compazine and immodium) for 2 serious heroin addicts in withdrawal. The nurse manager took them off the meds and 2 days later they were in the hospital w/ dehydration. Another time someone had a corneal abrasion and I got severely chastised for advocating ER eval and tx. I felt that if the inmate had lost vision he could have sued me. Also the culture is such that the correctional officers are very controlling people and seem to have no respect for the nurses or inmates. Other nurses I have spoken to have had this experience. If you are a sensitive person, or at all idealistic I don't suggest getting your hopes up.
    On the other hand, I've talked to people who were able to deal with it. I think it's a matter of your personality, and probably, the individual place that you work.