Work as a Nurse Attendant? Or Stay As I Am?

  1. I'm currently taking some first year nursing courses while I wait from my program (Sept. 2005). I'm working part-time as an Administrative Assistant and commuting 40 min. to my job (different town). I also work from home as a freelance writer.

    Here's my situation ...

    I have the opportunity to apply for a Nurse Attendant position at LTC facility in my home town. This will mean a 15 min. commute, less guaranteed hours (15.5 vs. 22.5), and a $1 decrease in pay.

    Here's my question ...

    Would I be crazy to switch jobs? I think the experience would be valuable and maybe I could keep some shifts when I start the nursing program full-time. I'm hoping that I could take an extra shift here or there to make up some of the lost hours/wages.

    What is your opinion? Thank you!
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