Wondering if I can handle certain aspects of nursing

  1. I am a 36 year old mother of three. At this point in my life, I am doing home childcare, but over the years I have seriously considered going into nursing. I go back and forth with this thought for several reasons. I have done some CNA work with mentally and handicapped individuals and I think I can handle bodily fluids, etc.. ok- although emesis is a little tough for me to deal with. I am a very compassionate person with a desire to go into a career where I can help people in need. My problem is this- I am a pretty sensitive person and I am concerned as to whether or not I can deal with rude doctors and patients. I have a couple of friends that do nursing, my brother is a surg-tech. and my aunt does radiology. I have heard so many stories of doctors and patients being extremely rude. I am the type of person to take things personally, and I worry that it would affect me greatly as a nurse. Is this a part of my personality that I can conquer and ajust to over time, or would this just make it impossible to do nursing and enjoy it? I also wonder- does most everyone have some difficulty feeling comfortable dealing with nudity in their patients? Is this something you just get used to over time??? I know these are probably some very silly questions, but I felt like I needed to ask them. My friend that is a nurse has told me that over time she just adjusted to these issues, but she also has a very outgoing and aggressive personality, so I think that might have made these adjustments a little easier for her. Thank you for any replies in advance.
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