Why did you choose nursing?

  1. Hi, I'm new here! I'm not a nurse, but am considering a career change into nursing. I've read a lot of threads under various topics here, and think this is a really great place to get tons of info - glad I found it!

    My question is this... it seems as though many of you who are already nurses chose that career because you felt some sort of a "calling" or a need to help people, or maybe it's just what you always wanted as you were growing up. For those of you who went into nursing for other reasons, what were those reasons? I don't know for sure what is making me consider nursing. It's not the money, because I'm doing OK now at roughly $22/hour plus great benefits (in a location where even $12-$15/hour jobs are very hard to come by). I know why I want a career change, but I don't know why I'm choosing nursing... is there anyone else out there who was as unsure as me, but just decided to go for it?

    Thanks for "listening!"

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