What to expect?

  1. Hello everybody,

    I will have my first interview soon and already read the stickies and some of the other topics here. How long is an interview usually? I was told that I need to fill out an application , after that I will meet with the nurse recruiter to discuss my resume and experience. Than they want to show me the unit and I will meet the manager.
    I am scared - I practise questions ( talk to myself) everyday but I do not know what to expect. As for Dress Code : I have a nice suit - should I go for a blouse or can I also wear a high quality pullover with the suit?
    Another question: My experience is outside the USA , I got letter of recommendations from each employer, stating what I did ( in detail), my attitude and so on. I tried to get somebody they can talk to but that seems to be difficult , this is not usual procedure .

    Any advice?
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