What MSN Career Path to Choose

  1. I have been an RN for about 10 years. Finishing up my BSN now and wanting to move onto a Masters Program. However I'm having a difficult time deciding what career path.I have always worked in an Acute Care setting (SICU and Acute Dialysis). Our NP's get worked like dogs. They do most of the notes, see most of the patients, and fix most of the problems. I don't think I want that life. I've also never done any kind of community or family practice nursing. I've thought about an MSN in Administration but don't want to be stuck in administration if I don't like it. Any suggestions. I wouldn't mind try administration, I also would like to continue caring for acutely ill patients. I thought about about a CNS or Nursing Informatics, but not sure what job opputunities exist.
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  3. by   llg
    It sounds to me as if you are going to have to try out a few things before you make a final decision. The choices you are considering are so widespread and involve aspects of nursing practice that you do not have experience with that you are not in a position to make a good judgment right now.

    For example, if you think you might like administration ... try it out first before spending thousands of dollars on tuition. Seek a job as an Assistant Manager, Permanent Charge Nurse, Shift Coordinator, etc. that your BSN plus experience would qualitfy your for. That would give a taste of the administrative side of nursing so that you could see if you liked it.

    Similarly, if you think informatics might be your thing ... get involved in a project or committee related to that field to see if you like it first. etc. etc. etc.

    I never recommend that people make such a big investment as graduate school without at least getting a taste of the field that you are preparing to specialize in.
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    I actually am a charge nurse, I additionally fill in for our dialysis coordinator when she is on vacation or sick. So I have had some experience in that regard. We are in the process of switching to a new computerized charting system for dialysis as well. I'm on that committee. I suppose your right I need to figure what I might like.