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  1. Hello,
    I am about to accept a weekend position job. I want it b/c I have a 18mth old and would love to stay home as much as possible consistently with him. I currently work 3 12 hour night shifts on a Tele floor. I am tired all the time, and I hate how we are always driving or picking up the baby from somewhere cause I am sleeping half the day away.
    The downsides to the job is no weekends for family stuff. If I did 3/4 weekends a month I will be taking a 10 grand pay cut a year from what I make now. If I do 4/4 weekends a month I will be making more money but will have no weekends off ever. I can pick up shifts I guess if I took the 3/4 but I can't 100% count on that. I need to b/c my husband is planning on going back to school, so I will be the main supporter for a bit.
    Another negative is that I don't acrue any time, like vacation, sick, maternity etc. There is known of that. I get benefits though.
    Basically looking for anyone who has worked this postion and what it is like. I have only been a nurse for a year now and I am nervous about starting "new" at another hospital with such a different shift than I am used to. But I can't wait to spend m-f with my son. Working one less shift a week will be a blessing too I know. That 3rd 12hour shift kills ya. I work night shift by the way and this job is night shift as well.

    Any comments greatly appreciated...
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