Want to be a CRNA! Is the Navy right for me? HELP!!

  1. Hi!

    I am a freshman at UC San Diego, working on a BS in Biochemistry/Cell Biology. UCSD does not offer any RN/BSN programs. I have done extensive research on becoming a CRNA and strongly believe it is the perfect job for me. I am looking into various options as to how to pursue this career, one being the navy. Here are some of my concerns.

    1) Is it possible to enter the navy now (I am 18) and to get trained as a nurse and (of course under the condition that I work as a navy nurse for a certain amount of years)? Or do I need a BSN degree. Do they offer programs where they finance getting a BSN while give you hands on training?

    2) I have read that they will finance your training to become a CRNA, but in return you have to offer 4-5 years of service. I have no problem with this. However, is it true? Is it harder for the navy to place you into a CRNA program then it is to get into a CRNA program on your own? (i.e, is it less competitive, even marginally, than trying to apply to one of the few nurse anesthetist programs after college) After you get out of service, will you have problems finding a job as a CRNA in mainstream environments (hospitals, etc.), or will your navy experience as a CRNA serve as a good resume?

    Basically...is the navy a good choice for me to get on the most direct track to becoming a CRNA?

    my other options are...
    transferring to another school that offers a BSN program, however this option is more difficult. The percent of applicants admitted to UPenn's BSN/MSN program is 9%.

    or dropping out of UCSD to go to a community college where I can become an RN.

    Financing my education is, as of now, not my biggest problem. I am most scared that I will get my Biochem/Cell Bio degree at UCSD only to have to spend an extra 2 years getting a degree as an RN before starting my pathway to becoming a CRNA. I would rather start trying to become a CRNA right now.

    Thank you, in advance, for all of your advice!
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