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  1. I was wondering about something:
    what is it that you LOVE about your everyday job?
    I just mean what kind of tasks do you actually enjoy?
    There are a lot of things that you hate, like the little pay, some of hte doctors.. I read so much here about why nursing sucks
    but is it true that sometimes you get mistreated even by the patients? someone told me that some of htem are really rude to the nurses, as if htey were the reasons these people were sick in the first place.
    Is it easy to go home and put all of the suffering that you saw during the day behind?
    How can you deal with it when the patients are being really mean to you? I know that you try to be patient with them because htey're very sick and suffering, but how do you deal with this for yoruselves? does it put you down and not make you want to come back to work the next day?
    Whenver I say that I want to be a nurse people ask me "what do you need this for? just become a doctor" or "do you know how difficult the job is? are you crazy?"
    I have my reasons why I want to be a nurse, but a lot of people have been really discouraging me from doing that.
    Can you please tell me what is it that you like about your job? About your every day tasks?
    Do you wake up in the mornings wanting to go to work?
    Do you worry about your patients when you're at home?
    Would you change your proffession if you had the chance?
    Thanks in advance guys!!
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  3. by   Piggy
    Nursing can be very frustrating, but also very rewarding. You do have to put up with attitudes at times-but that happens in every type of job. The daily challenge of getting through the day's tasks is sometimes difficult-and yes you do go home some days and wonder about what you could have done or if there was something you did not do-as long as you are just being conscientious and not obsessing over your daily routine -you'll be okay. You have to find a way to turn off the day's work and go about your own daily tasks with your family/friends. It doesn't mean you are uncaring-just healthy enough to realize that what you do for a living is not your life. Your life is your home and family.
  4. by   Wuiteroz
    Thanks so much for answering
    no one else has bothered to so far
    you're very sweet. I'll remember what you said