Verbal Offer 11 days ago & still no formal offer?!

  1. I need advice!!!

    I had my manager interview 11 days ago at a large teaching hospital for a clinical RN position. The DON and hiring manager have told me at least 4 times since then (verbally and via e-mail) that I will be receiving a formal offer from HR. They said they are following up with HR daily. It's 2/28 and I haven't even heard from the recruiter in HR. I know the background check takes a while, however, they stated that they also do a fingerprint for FBI/BCI check and I haven't even been contacted to do that yet.

    I've declined 2 positions already and I have until today to accept a third offer. These are non-clinical RN positions and the job I'm waiting on is a clinical RN position. I'm continuing to interview with other clinical RN positions and in contact with other recruiters while I'm waiting. Is it normal for the departments to take this long? It's been over a month now since I initially applied for the position I want. Is this typical?
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