University of Colorado Hospital Nurse Residency

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    Just looking for past participants that have been through this program. I want to get an idea of how it went for any of you. I'd really like to transfer from being a buffoon to actual nurse and from the looks of it- this program sounds pretty solid. Were you supported? and silly question but what scrubs do RNs wear on the units particularly the MSPCU? How easy is it to transfer from one unit to another? Any insight onto this program? Oh and how is it living in Denver? Is it possible to live close enough to the hospital to walk to work?
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    I worked there before becoming an RN, the "support" aspect really seemed floor/manager dependent. Some nurses raved about the residency program, while 2 other people I know left early and paid the financial penalty. My floor was one of "the good ones," but some of the nurses seemed very stressed out.

    Scrubs for nurses when I were there were a navy blue. Shirts were embroidered and purchased through the hospital, and scrub bottoms could be your own. The floor I worked had lots of employee transfers, this is again probably contingent on your manager's supportiveness.

    The application process is competitive, are you applying from out of state? Like all teaching hospitals UCH is very big into EBP and continuing education, so that is something to think about when you put your application together. Denver is a great city to live in, rent is crazy here though and UCH pay for new grads lower than some other hospitals. Like other metropolitan areas, Denver has become highly coveted, and wages in the area stay depressed because so many people are moving here. Surrounding area is "questionable," but it all depends on your comfort level. Feel free to PM me if you have other questions.
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