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  1. Hello. Im a high school senior and I have applied to New York and Pennsylvannia nursing schools. However, I would like to move south once I attain my BSN and Nursing licence. My question is, where can I practice if I hold a New York or Penn license? only in those states? My friend whos mother is an NP told me that New York licensed nurses can work in some surrounding states. If that is the case then, what other states accept a New York license? Where can I find this information? Ive looked all over on the licensing sites and havent seen anything relevant (or have passed it over completely). I would like to go on for my masters as a Nurse Anesthetist at the Medical College of Georgia, but in order to apply I need to be a licensed registered nurse in Georgia. So you see my dilemma. Any information would be very helpful and I appreciate anyone taking the time to answer back. Michelle.
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  3. by   llg
    Once you get a license in one state ... all the other states will accept it, assuming you went to an accredited school. The exam you take to get your license is the same exam no matter what state you take it in. It's just a matter of contacting the Board of Nursing in that state, filling out the paperwork, and paying a small fee.

    Over the course of my 25 year nursing career, I have lived in 10 different states and held an RN license in each one. It's really no big deal.

    So ... you really don't have a problem after all and should not worry about.

    Good luck in school,
  4. by   phoenix7
    Thank you so much. I didnt realize it was that easy, comparatively. This definitely opens up my options and hopefully I'll be able to reach my goal. Thanks again. Michelle