Tricked About GN Floor Title

  1. Hello I am in a HUGE need of advice! The floor I am on was NOT what I interviewed for.

    I recently graduated in summer 2017, took the nclex september 2017 and passed and started the interview process. I had 4 job offers and I was in a bit of a time crunch so I picked this unit.

    Now as for the unit...I have been on this unit for two weeks and it is NOT what I interviewed for. I was told it would be a 24 hour observation but it is simply a med surg/ med tele floor. I told the managers my concerns and they said they would release me if I wanted or I could wait until December 1st when it becomes an observation unit. But every worker on the floor says theres a slim to no chance of that happening that soon.

    On top of that my learning specialist is non existent and she is starting a new job so I have to start with another new learning specialist next week. On top of that I will have another learning specialist the month after that. As a GN with no learning specialist I feel as if I am suffering greatly.

    Also I have had 3 preceptors in 2 weeks because everything is so unorganized. And I feel like I'm wasting my time and not learning anything. No one seems to be happy to work on this floor and its affecting my learning.

    Now, there's no contact so is it okay if I start applying else where? This is my FIRST nursing job and the foundation of my career and this floor just seems like a mess.
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