1. Hello everyone,

    I am graduating this August with a BSN...woo hoo! I am looking for nurse residency programs in San Diego, New York City, Washington DC, and Boston. I found a few programs and would love to hear from those who have either gone through the programs in those areas or similar programs. What are the pros and cons? What was the application/interview process like? Were you hired once you completed your program? Any information would be helpful as I begin my transition from student to novice nurse.

    Also, if you didn't go through a residency program, could you share your experience.

    I feel a little overwhelmed and discouraged about the future. Many of the programs are limited and competitive to get into and posted nursing jobs require a minimum of one year experience.

    Thanks so much for the feedback and support :re
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  3. by   llg
    Don't limit yourself to hospitals that use the word "residency" to describe their new grad orientation programs. Some hospitals use the word "internship" or "new grad program" or some other words to describe their programs.

    The important thing is to look at the details of the orientation programs. Some places that use the word "residency" offer less than ones who use other words. Look at lots of hospitals and compare the actual details of the programs -- regardless of what word they use.

    That's the problem with using the internet and keywords to search for something. It only finds things that use that exact word.