The more No's I hear the more I know I am closer to my YES

  1. [FONT=book antiqua] I strongly dislike when someone make the statement you are not working, but you are a baccalaureate licensed registered nurse. How could it be you are not working after all this time? Honestly I am stumped everytime, but then I look at the unemployment numbers, and it remind me of the many Americans that are unemployed at this time. Some people state you probably need to put yourself out there more, others unrealistically state move out New York. However, if you are just getting by with little you do have; it is really difficult to move since rent does not pay itself. As old/new grad without any paid hospital experience this journey that I am on daily is the most life affirming path that I could not learn about anywhere.
    [FONT=book antiqua] I never understood the concept "bad things" happen to good people.I always thought as long as you work hard good things happen no matter what. However, this journey though difficult has changed me for the better. Day after day of getting rejection statements or no response. I can empathize with people on a level I never thought I could before. I am more patient. I do these breathing exercises I wrote in my care plan as a nursing student. I give my time freely to two hospitals hoping it lead a Register Nurse job. I wrote this because I want to express myself and let other nurses know that they are not alone. I could see light at the end of the tunnel, and the more No's I hear the more I know I am closer to my YES! Please share your journey and how you are feeling if you want....
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  4. by   LindseyRN86
    I am right there with you! Old/New grad graduated May 2011. I had a job at the LTC I had since 2003 as an RN/supervisor, I started in May and was laid off in October. I have been trying to find gainful employment since. Some people don't understand what the unemployment situation is like and they can't understand why you don't have a job yet. It hurts your self esteem and feelings but you have to keep your head up and look to the future. Some place will want us to work for them. I am currently taking classes online through Ohio University and am volunteering at the clinic I would like to work in when a chance becomes available. We have to remember it isn't usually us it's the recession that isn't opening doors.