Systematic Poverty

  1. When I started nursing in 1986, as an LPN, we recieved "across the board wage increases". We had free medical and dental insurance. Annual raises existed. The future looked bright! What do we have a decade latter? A couple of years of no annual pay rasies (frozen). Annual raises are now 25-35 cents per hour (doesn't stay up with inflation). We pay for our medical/dental insurance. Our employers have systematically GOUGED us for every penny and benefit they could. This has now created the "Transitional Nurse Workforce". We do not have dedication/loyalty or faith in the employers. We are drones with a liscense to earn them a buck. If they look at us wrong... we quit and work down the road. If we stay at the job for more than 5 years, then we are "targeted" by company management for termination, because they can replace us with a "newby" for "x amount of cents less per hour". This is what the nurse's "dedication and loyatly" earns them! PS: Management does what's called a "File load" on long term employees they "want to get rid of to save some money". A "File load" means they fabricate violations and "load your file" with black ball information to support the impending termination... which of course, originated from the greedy misers themselves. I say.... DON'T go into nursing, and for those already there....... sorry for ya's
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  3. by   nursedude
    How true!!!

    Nurses are not compensated for what they are worth!! Why do most nurses not see this? Why is it that patients have better insurance than the primary caregivers have, why do hospital administrators need to be paid so much more than the people responsible for providing the services that keep the hospital in business?